Wednesday, May 24, 2017

A Little Deter If You Ruffle Fur!

People sure can kick up a stink. You humans do it with a wink. I'm not talking about gas. That can easily pass. May flare up a nostril or two. But that shall pass too. Right. On with it. No need to hiss and spit.

Look at you.
You have a new view.
A different way of thinking.
Did I just see blinking?

Not the good kind.
More like the, "are you out of your mind?"
Yep, I saw that indeed.
More are even following the lead.

Got a new idea that may work.
Now that could be a perk.
Could give you lots of fun.
It may or may not be done.

But whoops, there it is.
The crazy look biz.
You are just plain nuts.
No, you don't have guts.

Sit back and relax.
Work and pay tax.
Don't be crazy with any of that.
You may just end up with scat.

I mean it may be a good notion.
It may even cause a commotion.
But it probably won't do a thing.
So go have the same old fling.

You can't afford to waste time.
You won't always be in your prime.
Get a 9-5 and work it.
Then do the same old shit.

I don't mean to offend.
But you can't buck the trend.
That just isn't the way to be happy.
You'll end up always sappy.

Wait until you retire.
Then the idea you can admire.
You may very while expire,
But there will be no walking on a wire.

That is a neat idea though.
I just wanted you to know.
You are better off listening to me.
Nix any such notions and just let it be.

Hmm, just proves better off keeping new ideas to yourself. Don't want chicken shit humans putting them back on the shelf. Or maybe lazy shit ones. Of each there are tons. Ever have an idea crushed by a so called friend? They were though just trying to be helpful in the end. Pffft to such a pass. I'll do what I want with my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Round Fifty Eight Is First Rate!

The search engine nuts are back and this time it's all us at our shack. Took a while to save them up to get enough because they usually search weird stuff. But here we are as they search nuts actually look for our sand bar.

It's Rhyme Time

That's the name the holds our fame.

Pat and Adam

It's fact, you're wrong with that act.


Added an extra t as you searched for me.

patt hatt

The t sure shines through. Hey, why not have two?

pat hatt books

I guess not. A flip flop extra t with the lot.

rhymetime blog

That it is with the blogging biz.

Pat & cat

Times too at our zoo.

Pat hatt cowboys

Really wants Pat to ride a pony. We think that's baloney.

Pat under the sea

They are trying to drown Pat. We can't put up with that.

Pat hatt cat rhyme time blog

Geez, got it all in. Guess you really wanted to find our bin.

Gone away Pat

That is a new one to me. Pat doesn't travel much at our sea.

a rhyming nut

That we are. Beats being on par.

word volcano cat

Hmm okay. I'll erupt each day.

psycic ews cat

Can't spell right. Afraid I'll bite?

And the winner for today I'm sure some could guess at their bay. Not as vile as those of the past. Unless you think they are part of the fetish cast. But we won't care there. They may ask for it to be seen bare.

Cat's Little Rhyming Ass

That works for me. As it is used every day at my sea. And so the laid back search engine nuts have come and gone. They come back at bit at my lawn. Mostly It's Rhyme Time is the one that brings them under our sun. I guess they really like the gas that comes out of my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Pegged Them All At The Other Hall!

The cat sought out the weakness of each one as around I did run. I had to stay on top. So I made sure they all were a flop. Not that they could beat me. But finding their weakness causes me glee.

The first up is an easy one.
He gets along with all cats under the sun.
I just pretend to be nice.
Then when he gets close, he pays the price.

Old shifty eyes isn't hard.
 He can't top a rhyming bard.
He's actually just scared of my ass.
Sees it and he runs after my sass.

 Mr. Lie Anywhere is fun.
Fun for me to make him run.
I just jump on him.
His lying soon turns grim.

The counter surfer guy,
Thinks he is rather spry.
I just get there first.
When he jumps up, his bubble does burst.

The old timer has no time for me.
Pat makes sure I leave him be. 
I guess he's too old for my hiss and spit.
Or would that be shit?

She is the opposite of the first.
 For one she may burst.
And secondly she hates every cat.
Sees me and scurries away like a rat.

The fluff ball makes me drool.
That is so not cool.
I get his hair in my yap.
But I drool on him and he's a disgusted chap.

Buck tooth bouncer guy,
Sure is rather spry.
He watches the door for every cat. 
I just walk on past that dingbat.

And then there is prissy.
Thinks she is quite the missy.
I get enough of that with Cass.
So I can just swat this prim and proper lass.

 And lastly another easy one.
He makes noises by the ton.
If I join in with him in the chirping and stuff.
He runs because my vocal chords are rough.

Am I a mean cat? Maybe so at the other mat. But it gives me glee to be a bully to the ones at their other sea. Now that I know each weakness as well. I can raise even more hell. Or if all else fails I just chase them toward the mutt. They hate her as much as us at their hut. Cassie only hisses at one or two. She is no fun just picking on a few. You have to get after the entire mass. Show them that the boss is my cocky little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.