Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Stay Cheery And Fan The Theory!

Well you have the conspiracy nuts in their conspiracy ruts, but that we know. Been there, done that at our show. But what about the truly fake kind? Are those on your mind?

I'm a fan.
Part of a clan.
A clan with a theory.
The real was too dreary.

There was death.
They gave their last breath.
We really hate that.
Let's look deeper where we're at.

There are signs.
Can bee seen by even felines.
They are sure there.
We have a theory to spare.

It was all a dream.
A coma type stream.
They are really alive.
Yippeee, we now know they survive.

This one was just fake.
Death really didn't partake.
They faked it all.
They are off having a ball.

That one wasn't true.
It made me boo hoo.
We can't have that.
It wasn't a great final stat.

Instead a magic spell came due.
Yep, it was all voodoo.
That was why it went the other way.
Everything is true in what we say.

They were also cloned.
A doctor was phoned.
It was done in a secret lab.
They made the clone from a crab.

And don't forget the love.
The more we rant, the greater the shove.
They will really come due.
Even brothers get it on out of view.

Yep, that isn't dreary.
It is our theory.
We wish it to be.
So it is for those like you and me.

Any fan theories you find nuts? Some must really be smoking the "good stuff" as they stay in theory ruts. Even when creators say, no way, they keep up their theory at their bay. Some are sure interesting though. Any that you know? Some sure must have sucked on some bad gas. Hey, it didn't come from my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Don't Cross The Line And All Will Be Fine!

The cat drew a line at the door. No one shall cross at my shore. If you don't know that you better beware. You may be in for more than an evil glare.

I was out and about.
I had to check this thing out.
I wanted to make sure I could fit.
That is when I heard it.

Cassie heard it too.
A scratching came due.
A scratching at our door. 
The others wanted to explore.

There were five at play.
They wanted to join the fray.
They wanted to play with our toys.
I don't share my joys.

And here one comes.
Damn those furry bums.
We aren't chums.
They can suck on plums.

Cassie stopped his dash.
 For a moment it put a kink in their bash.
But she doesn't care about the other ones.
So they don't get the runs.

Look at her just watching the show.
 So pathetic, I know.
How can she let them invade?
My toys I won't trade.

So he tried once more.
The jumper was also going to come ashore.
Screw any of that.
I stopped being a curious cat.

I hopped back into the room.
I gave them a look of doom.
I may have hissed and swatted too.
But that I won't tell you.

One simply ran away.
One jumped from his table display.
Another gave me a dirty look.
The old guy never budged at our nook.

So remember one and all.
You don't get into my hall.
 Even in the dark I've got both eyes upon you.
Don't cross the line at my zoo.

Wasn't that a good warning for all? Can you believe Cassie wanted to let them play with our toys like the furry ball? Pfffft the cat is not that nice. I will treat them like mice. They come near me and, wham, a face full of my toe jam. I'll have to get after Cass. She needs to be as mean as my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Living It Up With A Slight Hiccup!

The cat finds this one a tad funny. Humans really aren't right on the money. Maybe that is why so many are in debt. Probably not, long odds on that bet. Time to get living away at every bay.

I've lived here.
I've lived there.
Some cause fear.
Some cause care.

I've traveled here.
I've traveled there.
I drank my beer,
Spent money to spare.

One's not the same.
One's different than the other.
They have a different name,
Maybe like your brother.

They are related.
More than you think.
This post was fated.
May cause you to blink.

We're on the living.
We're not on death.
No need for forgiving,
Or even holding your breath.

Why is that?
Still not caught up?
Follow like a cat,
And not a low attention span pup.

No matter where you are.
No matter where you roam.
In plane, train or car.
Whether or not you're at home.

You are above ground.
Not ash blowing in the breeze.
Hear that little sound?
Are you still in brain freeze?

I'll make you unstuck.
I'm getting there soon.
No need to say fluck,
Or go all High Noon.

For even if there.
Guess what you're doing?
You're living life to spare,
And death you are shooing.

Maybe you should change it to asking where one has made a home? That is different that wherever you roam. Because if you say living or lived to anyone out there, whoops, everything counts with nothing to spare. You have lived every single place you have ever been to. Until you drop dead, it will remain so for you. Does the cat think too much at our sea? Has the wording ever been thought of by thee? Maybe humans just don't want to write a long list about all that came to pass. I'll go on living with my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.