Saturday, December 16, 2017

Hit Everyone's Trail For A Fail!

The cat has seen some no so cheery people around. Everywhere they can surely be found. No matter the time of year that it is. They are sure around with their misery biz. But not for their life. Nope, others will get the strife.

I'm perfect as can be.
Nothing can touch me or we.
We are the best.
But surely not the rest.

They'll never last.
Their love is in the past.
That kiss was all for show.
Trust me because I know.

Their kids are bad.
No discipline is had.
That isn't how you raise kids.
It's like they are raising squids.

Their pets are mean.
They cause a scene.
They meow and bark.
Every tree they mark.

Their home is yuck.
I mean, what the fluck.
Who wants tacky flowers?
Sure can stare at them for hours.

Pffft look at that car.
It's a brand that should be tar.
It just never worked for me.
I know it is going to fail on thee.

Their book will never sell.
They included the word, Hell.
That is just a no no.
Trust me, I really do know.

Their job is the pits.
They can't really love it to bits.
How do they love that?
I'd rather clean up scat.

Their blog will never last.
It has few in the cast.
It is too shiny to look at.
Who wants to chew that fat?

That is one bad deal.
Who cares if you got a meal.
It doesn't work for me.
So it is an instant fail for thee.

Love the nitpickers at your sea? How it is soooooooo bad because it doesn't work for them when it is about thee. Pffft if one thing worked for everyone we may as well go jump in the sun. But nope, they are grand while everyone else is wrong across the land. I'd like to watch them walk across shattered glass. Hey, it is one way to enjoy such nitpickers if they come near my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Friday, December 15, 2017

To My Readers And The Bird Feeders!

Anyone out there should heed this call. The cat will appreciate it all. I will get a golden litterbox and be so whelmed should it be helmed. Won't that make you glad there at your pad?

Heed my call.
Says it all.
Attention you.
Times two?

Nah, no repeats.
Hit the streets.
Come and play.
Don't forget to pay.

It is so much stress.
It is such a mess.
It is soooo hard to confess.
I need more, not less.

Rhyming every day,
Sure takes pay.
I mean I have to have a keyboard.
They cost thousands, good lord.

I have to get up and walk.
I have to maybe even talk.
Vocal cords cost, you know.
They cost thousands of dough.

Running this is bad.
So much time is had.
If only you'd donate.
I'd get a golden cat crate.

Oh, I mean keep the site alive.
Don't you want it to survive?
I know you think it the best.
It beats all the rest.

If all donated away,
$10000000 in the next 5 mins at play.
My goal would be 50% reached.
Then 5 mins later it will be breached.

So don't delay.
A rhyme must come each day.
You don't want the site tossed.
Doing this sure comes with such HIGH cost.

It's so hard on me.
Oh look, a flea.
Scratch that for me?
I swear, it's almost, sorta, maybe free.

Don't you want to donate billions now? I mean all the work of this place sure can wow. We need billions to keep it going. Pffffft and tomorrow I will have a porno showing. If you believe any of that. I got a bridge to sell you where you're at. I swear it will be nearby. Ever believe the cries of some already rich guy? Such sites need billions they say. Pffft once more is all I can say. Especially when run more by the work of an average class. Won't get free or fee from my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Attention All With This Call!

I want your attention today. So you better have your eyes glued to my bay. Did you reach for the superglue yet? You better or you'll get shunned by this pet. If you believe that, you may need to pay more attention to the cat.

I'd like to bring this up,
It is well known by a pup.
They strive for it everyday.
All they want is it and to play.

So I'm bringing it to your attention,
With this reminding mention.
I'm drawing your attention to it.
Even if I can't draw worth shit.

But I'm holding your attention.
Is that worth your pension?
You have to pay attention, you know.
And I'm using it a lot at my show.

So stand at attention and pay.
A 2 for 1 with attention today.
Has your attention waned yet?
You'll never grow bored of this pet.

You spring to attention each day,
As a post comes across my bay.
Would that make me the center of attention?
That would land me in detention.

But detention can be fun.
Don't have to snap to attention a ton.
Wouldn't snapping hurt the back?
Unless it is a finger snapping attack.

Can you snap a finger?
Attention can then linger.
Sing a tune and get more attention.
Or it may get you a suspension.

Have I directed your attention here?
Did you see the sign with a peer?
Was the attention of it clear?
Attention to all, the end is near.

Come to attention now.
This last bit will wow.
I've got your attention.
Don't let there be any apprehension.

This could be a great invention.
I really need your attention.
Whoops, something else caught my attention.
I'm sure one day I'll give it a mention.

Did you know attention was so well used? Has your attention been amused? Amused and abused or maybe even confused. Has your attention been infused? I'd like to now draw your attention to the singing bass. He never catches the attention of my little rhyming ass.

Later all, have a nice fall.