Saturday, June 24, 2017

A Flip Flop Quote Drop!

Quotes are always near. That has been done by my rhyming rear. But there are so many near and far. The cat could fill an Earth sized car. Are they really that good though when not in a row?

Doo Friggin Whoopdi
Sorry, no Sister Act love for me.
On pissed than better is off pissed.
Hmmm, I think something got missed.

Fullest life to the live.
Are you trying to give?
Yourself for live.
Leaks like a sieve.

Live let and live.
Almost works so I forgive.
Big Dream. Hard Work.
That one is a both ways perk.

Goes it so.
High or low?
Dream your live.
Needs some give.

Reason a for everything happens.
Say that while rappins.
Lives man every not.
Damn, could make brains rot.

Ass your up sand pound.
That would be tough to move around.
Try to fail never but fail and try.
That may depress some poor guy.

Heart your all with go.
Do I have to row?
Ride the enjoy.
Hmmm gutter playing coy?

Short too life.
May bring strife.
Rope a up piss.
Neither way brings bliss.

You love I.
That may not fly.
Technically not a quote,
But it got a vote.

Luck Good and Night Good.
All's good in your hood.
Ass rhyming little.
That may bring spittle.

Think quotes should only stick to one way? That may be better for you to say. The cat proved they can confuse and may light the wrong fuse. You don't want ride the enjoy happening everywhere. There would be STDs to spare. I'll stick to a whoopdi friggin doo forwards pass. It works better for my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Take Your Time With This Rhyme!

The cat is here and is a rhyming rear. I've got time to say that. I am a cat. I sleep and rhyme. I do not mime. I have time for that too. But I chose not to. Nope, not a rhyme about saving time. Already dropped that dime.

No reason or rhyme,
To us saving time.
Or rhyme or reason,
If opposite is treason.

No reason to rush,
Even mutts who mush.
For who needs that?
It's so full of scat.

So take your time.
It's never a crime.
You saw this post.
Take your time at my coast.

3 years later you comment.
Damn, took your time to make a dent.
But you took your time.
May have even sucked a lime.

A heart attack is coming due.
Called 911 at your zoo.
The ambulance just takes its time.
Damn, you are dead in your prime.

A work report is due.
Take your time to do and view.
3 months later you hand it in.
Fired you are for your time win.

Take your time paying bills.
They don't bring any thrills.
Whoops, no phone, water or power.
But taking your time with each passing hour.

Take your time grocery shopping.
Who needs grocery store hopping?
When from hunger the bodies start dropping,
Up your time you are still mopping.

Time sure is taken,
Whether or not your butt is shakin.
Taken far far away from and because of you,
As procrastination, firings and even death shines through.

So take your time.
It's so sublime.
Your time is the best.
Pass the taking it test.

Wow, the "your" time really shines through. When did taking your time become an excuse for lazy asses at each zoo? One thing to take your time and get it right, another to use it to put something off until the 100th night. Then wonder why all the bad came to you as you give a boo hoo. You only took your time after all. Pfffft is all you'll get from me at my hall. Do you take your time in such a pass? Better not tell my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

A Little Attitude To The Platitude!

The cat rolls his eyes a bunch. So many are just out to lunch. I guess such things are ingrained in their brain. Easier than to think and cause pain.

Today there's a post from me.
It was meant to be.
Then why did I write it?
I think you mean you're full of shit.

Don't worry though.
Time heals all wounds, you know.
Like that missing arm.
Err ummm, hey it adds charm.

Good things come to those who wait.
Waiting, waiting, damn, I'll be dead at this rate.
Good things are such a liar.
I hope they catch fire.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results.
I love to give this one some insults.
Am I insane for practicing and getting better at something?
Or do you want us all to be dumb and unable with your insane ring?

Everything happens for a reason.
Just like the changing of the season.
Like death, disease and Wal-Mart.
You never know what's in that cart.

What doesn't kill you will make you stronger.
Yeah, and it will also make every body part longer.
And I'm really a rhyming mutt,
That can actually talk out my butt.

Hard work pays off.
Ha! To that I scoff.
Maybe pays off those above,
Out the door you just get a shove.

Live each moment like it's your last.
Hmmm that would be a blast.
Dying every moment of every day.
Who doesn't want to live that way?

What goes around comes around.
So life is like a merry-go-round?
Where is the quarter slot?
I want to believe....not!

And now we're done.
Wasn't this fun?
It was just a meant to be trend,
Because everything works out in the end.

Umm in the end you croak? Is that really a good working poke? Pfffffffffffffft to all these platitudes. Just lots of nonsense from human dudes. Like saying my gas will cause miracles to befall on you. Just wait there for 1000 years at your zoo. Now the cat is through with his sass and bursting platitude bubbles with my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.