Saturday, August 19, 2017

The Kitchen Odds With Pea Pods!

The cat will chow down on anything at all. Including tacks at our hall. Hey, it was there to chew. Cassie tried one too. Pat made me spit it out though. Now I just eat things that make me go.

Glory Dear is back.
In cooking she doesn't lack.
She takes pics of stuff too.
Cooks up a storm at her zoo.

Odds are swell.
Hear that bell?
A new order is up.
Can go fill your cup.

Can fill your plate too.
That is easy to do.
Something for all.
Shines on her wall.

Dairy is still scary.
But I can eat a berry.
No mutt will get ahead of me.
The cat shall eat with glee.

Oh no, a hairball.
I splattered it on the wall.
I took a pic of it.
Scared more than a bit.

Odds down thanks to me?
How can that be?
It was just a hairball,
Right here on my wall.

She's poisoning all?
How dare her at her hall.
Those recipes are fake?
No one can even partake?

That is just rude.
Tried to poison this dude.
Her odds sink.
Sink in a blink.

Her camera broke?
Can't show but can choke.
That was the cause of it.
She went crazy with a no pic fit.

Odds are really sinking.
Cooking and thinking.
Can odds cook?
It's poison, don't look!

Odds = Cooked
A Post Shall Be Booked

Did you know Gloria was trying to poison us all? Good thing the cat can have a hairball. But she is every so sly and won't get caught. So I'm sure a new post will be added to her plot. Is dairy scary to you? Not really scary to us but blah at our zoo. Get an enemy to be a food tester with that Glory Dear lass. She'll never get my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.

Friday, August 18, 2017

Odds At Play In Some Dream Bay!

Dreams are grand. Go for them in your land. Except maybe the weird ones. They can be scary by the tons. Some may come true, some may need a new view. But have to keep on a going. Enjoy the nightly dream showing.

Odds are out.
Or maybe they're in.
What's that about?
Let's take them for a spin.

They go low.
She walks a nature trail.
Fast or slow,
That could fail.

Eaten by a bear.
Ouch, and then some.
Catch a psycho's stare.
Who needs that chum?

Then there's the beach.
There she goes.
A giant litter box in reach,
More than sand on the toes.

Catch something germy.
Or get lost in the ocean.
Either makes one squirmy,
Causing quite the commotion.

Lost at sea.
Could be grand.
An island for thee.
Treasure at hand.

Saved and rich.
Can blog all day.
Well worth the twitch.
Odds go the other way.

Whoops, all a dream.
That has to suck.
Wait, still in the stream?
What the umm fluck?

Lost in a dream.
Lost in a mind.
Quite the lost team.
No blogging of any kind.

Wow, odds sunk.
There they go.
On that treasure they clunk.
That was a dream? Oh!

Odds = Keep Dreaming
I Guess They Aren't Beaming

Can you get stuck in a dream? Would they call that some kind of coma stream? Hey, at least there you can be rich with treasure. That has to give one some pleasure. Maybe dream up a post. It could happen at one's coast. Beats get eaten by a bear though. That much I do know. I'll feed the bear the singing bass. He can choke on that instead of my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer. 

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Odds Of Creation Get A Notation!

Isn't it fun to create? Can be anything that takes the bait. From words to cards to weird plants in yards. All can sure be done. Go for it as long as you find it fun. Don't go for it you are a mime. Fake things is just a crime.

Odds are slim.
Slim and prim.
Prim and proper?
Bah, call a grammar copper.

See? Created?
Is it dated?
That it may be.
Like cards to see.

Christmas ones.
She's got tons.
Birthday ones.
Even for nuns.

Up and up.
Fills her cup.
There is no stopping,
The card cropping.

Made and waiting.
Even after dating.
A new post to show.
Odds sure aren't low.

Movies of old.
There to take hold.
Movies of new.
There are a few.

High are the odds.
Dangling on fishing rods.
Not sinking in the lake.
No need for a double take.

Wait! A paper cut,
There at her hut.
Her finger can't linger.
She may lose the finger.

Ah, now it's the hand.
Odds sure aren't grand.
Wow, the arm too?
What a paper cut can do.

Hey diddle diddle.
Odds are a riddle.
Maybe stuck in the middle.
With no fingers to twiddle.

Odds = Flip Card Open To See
Two Flipping Arms Will Make Them Higher For Thee

Wow, she may need a card after that paper cut. A get well one would do at her hut. Must have been some bacteria filled paper. Maybe it was really an attempted murder caper? The paper cut serial killer. Could be the next thriller. Do you create at your sea? I'm sure some things come to be. Thankfully most paper cuts just get sass from my ever so sassy little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.